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What points should we pay attention to when producing good self-tapping screws

What points should we pay attention to when producing good self-tapping screws

In recent years, with the continuous increase in the demand for self-tapping screws in the fastener market, we must also ensure the quality of self-tapping screws as the number increases. So, in the production and processing process to grasp what points in order to produce good quality self-tapping screws?

  1. Material level, because the production and processing of self-tapping screw materials include stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, titanium metal and so on. If you want from the advantages of cost and material, carbon steel is a good choice, not only the actual effect is good, but also can give full play to the excellent mechanical performance.
  2. Processing technology level, general screws, screw manufacturers in the production of self-tapping screws in the process of strict control on some key processing technology, the introduction of advanced machinery and equipment to update the screw processing technology, in order to say that the quality and performance are further improved.
  3. Quality inspection level, when the self-tapping screws in the whole process of the detection steps are relatively simple, then according to the improvement of a large number of quality inspection production process, the quality of self-tapping screws can be strictly supervised and standardized quality inspection.
  4. Clean the level, the self-tapping screws after production should be cleaned and polished, in order to produce durable performance advantages in specific different uses, and it is not easy to rust in the short term.