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What is the main use of hex head screw in use?

What is the main use of hex head screw in use?

A hex head screw is a common fastener mainly used to join two or more materials, and it comes in many different kinds, including outer hex screws and inner hex screws.

External hex head screws are often used for the connection of large equipment, suitable for thin-walled parts or under impact, vibration or alternating loads, and can also be used for a wider range of full thread lengths, such as the need to withstand shear caused by transverse forces.

One advantage of this kind of screw is that it has self-selling, that is, once it is inserted, it will automatically stay there and not easily fall off, however, its disadvantage is that it takes up a large space, which is not suitable for some delicate occasions.

Hex head screws are often used for the connection of small equipment and mechanical connections with high aesthetic and precision requirements, the biggest advantage of this screw is that it can be easily tightened and disassembled with a special wrench, and it is not easy to slip wire, improving work efficiency.

At the same time, because it can be directly embedded in the workpiece, it looks more exquisite, beautiful, and will not hinder the operation of other parts, however, its disadvantage is that the contact area is small, the preload is relatively small, and it may not be suitable for some occasions that need to bear large loads.

In short, hexagonal screws have a wide range of applications in a variety of machinery and equipment, with high practicality and economy, in the use of the process, need to choose the appropriate hex screws according to the specific situation to achieve the effect.