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What is the function of the screw washer

What is the function of the screw washer

The installation of screw washer needs to pay attention to more details, otherwise it is easy to appear security risks. What is the function of the screw washer? Now let’s take a look at it.

First, the function of screw washer is to increase the contact area, reduce the pressure generated, and prevent the loosening of screws and other parts, and its role in protection. washers are usually mixed in the middle of two objects, can play a better sealing function, but note that different items used by the washer is not the same.

  1. Before installing the washer, we should pay attention to the cleanliness of the construction surface, and try not to appear scratches or spots, otherwise it will affect the installation of the washer, and the later use effect will be greatly reduced. Note that if pipe washers are installed and pipe leaks occur, it is necessary to adjust the position of the washers or replace the washers with new ones.
  2. The selected washeris determined according to the sealing surface of the flange. For example, the outer diameter size of the washeris to be within the range of the outer diameter of the sealing surface, and the inner diameter size of the washer is larger than the inner diameter of the pipeline. In addition, it should be noted that the inner diameter difference between the two is to be controlled at about twice the thickness of the washer.
  3. For the preloading force of washer, it should also meet the standard and not exceed the limited value, otherwise it is easy to appear the phenomenon of transition compression of washer, resulting in the reduction of springback ability. And when the washeris pressed, the handle of torque needs to be used, and the large bolt needs to be added with extra hydraulic tensioner.
  4. In the installation process of washer, it is necessary to screw the nut into one by one according to the required sequence. This process should also be paid attention to.