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What do you know about fine screw

What do you know about fine screw

Lift the fine thread screws, then some people will ask, what kind of screws can be called fine thread screws? As we usually buy most of the screws are coarse thread, coarse thread actually refers to the standard thread. Fine screw, on the contrary, is to supplement the coarse thread can not reach the use of the requirements and provisions.
Fine thread screws also have a pitch series, the pitch of fine thread is small, it is characterized by convenient self-locking, anti-loosening, and the number of thread, can reduce the effect of leakage, has a sealing effect. In some precision occasions, fine-thread stainless steel screws are also convenient to control and adjust. Its disadvantage is that the pull value, the strength is relatively low compared to the coarse thread screw, and the thread is easy to damage, it is not recommended to disassemble and assemble many times, and the corresponding nuts and other fasteners also need to be equally fine. It is not suitable for the application of materials with excessive coarse organization and poor strength, and it is easy to slip when the tightening force is too large. Fine screws are mainly used in hydraulic system metric pipe fittings, mechanical transmission parts, thin wall parts with insufficient strength, internal parts limited by space and high self-locking requirements on the shaft.