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What are the uses of different kinds of tapping screws?

What are the uses of different kinds of tapping screws?

When it comes to tapping screws, we are no strangers. It is a screw used to attach metal plates, and there are many kinds of it. For example, self-tapping screws, wall panel self-tapping screws, self-drilling self-tapping screws, pan head and hexagon head self-tapping screws and so on, each self-tapping screw has a different purpose:

  1. Self-tapping screw is also used for the connection between thin metal plate, the thread has the common thread of curved triangular section, the thread surface also has higher hardness, so in connection, the screw can also be tapped out of the thread bottom hole in the connecting part, so as to form a connection. The screw is characterized by low torque and high locking performance. It has better working performance than ordinary tapping screws and can be used instead of machine screws.
  2. The tapping screws of the wallboard are used to connect the gypsum wallboard and metal keel. The thread is double threaded, the surface of the thread also has high hardness, can be quickly screwed into the keel without making prefabricated holes, so as to form a connection.
  3. The difference between the self-drilling self-tapping screw and the ordinary self-tapping screw is that when the ordinary self-tapping screw is connected, it should go through two processes: drilling (drilling the bottom hole of the thread) and tapping (including fastener connection). When the self-drilling self-tapping screw is connected, the drilling and tapping two processes will be completed at one time. It first uses the drill bit in front of the screw for drilling, and then uses the screw for tapping (including fastener connection) to save construction time and improve efficiency
  4. Pan head and hexagonal tapping screws are suitable for situations where the drill bit is allowed to be exposed. Compared with pan head tapping screws, hexagonal tapping screws have a larger torque.