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What are the processing methods of the screw manufacturer

What are the processing methods of the screw manufacturer

In fact, the main way of screw processing is forging processing and turning processing these two ways. There are two kinds of forging processes: cold heading and hot pier. Cold heading is a process in which the wire is extruded by a die with the help of external force without heating, while hot pier is a process in which the blank material is heated to a certain temperature above the recrystallization temperature of the metal for extrusion.

  1. Cold heading process can save raw materials, reduce waste, high production efficiency, and reduce the production cost of screws. And in the mold with the help of complex, cutting process is not good to do the screw, and the same mold can be reused. The lower the unit price, the larger the amount of screws, it is very suitable for large quantities of screw orders, the important thing is that the cold heading shaped screws have smooth appearance without burr, and the hardness is very good, eliminating the need to do heat treatment process.
  2. When some screws need to be made of materials with large scandium force, cold heading can be avoided. In this case, hot piers will be used, and hot piers also need molds. However, due to the heating of raw materials, the variable scandium force of the blank is reduced, and the screw is easy to form, which can prolong the service life of the mold. It is also a good choice. However, because the hot pier needs to be heated, the material will produce oxidation, decarbonization and thermal expansion, which will reduce the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the screw, so it will need a lot of cutting to get the finished product.
  3. And the way of turning processing, is to make the material to the expected shape by removing the material on the lathe, the processing accuracy is high, and is not limited by the mold, the disadvantage is the need for manual operation, high cost cost, slow processing speed.

Each processing method has advantages and disadvantages, of course, the actual or according to the needs to choose the appropriate processing method.