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What are the advantages of cold heading processing

What are the advantages of cold heading processing

Cold heading process is a kind of processing method which uses the plastic deformation of metal under the action of external force, and makes the volume of metal redistributed and transferred by means of the mold, so as to form the required parts or blanks. The cold heading process is best used to produce standard fasteners such as bolts, screws, nuts, rivets and pins.

The advantages of cold heading processing are reflected in the following 7 aspects:

1, cold heading is carried out at normal temperature, cold heading can improve the mechanical properties of metal parts. The tensile strength of bolts after cold heading is better than that after cutting. This is because the metal fibers of cold heading products will not be cut off, the internal structure of the metal is compacted, and the presence of work hardening phenomenon, so the mechanical properties of the metal are improved.

2, Cold heading technology can improve the utilization rate of materials. For example, in addition to the loss of the head and tail of the cold heading hexagon head bolt, there is no cutting. For example, the utilization rate of cutting materials is very low. The material utilization rate of cold heading nuts is also much higher than that of machining nuts.

3, Cold heading technology can greatly improve productivity. For example, the productivity of cold heading nut is increased by dozens of times compared with cutting nut process.

4, Reduce enterprise costs. Because the cold heading machine was used to realize the processing of each process in one machine tool, the production site occupied by the equipment was reduced, and the production cost of the enterprise was greatly reduced.

5, reduce labor intensity. The use of cold heading machine can reduce a lot of process links, do not need to transport half products in each process, especially reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the working conditions.

6, cold heading process can improve the product surface finish and ensure the product accuracy. For mass production of bolts and nuts, its precision can be guaranteed.

7, Good general performance. The production of cold heading bolt, nut forming machinery has many models, many series of machines. And reliable equipment performance, high efficiency, stable product quality, can produce all types of standard parts and customized non-standard parts.