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What are non-slip screws

What are non-slip screws

On the mention of non-slip screws, probably most people will think that the imitation screw is not the imitation loose screw? It’s essentially the same thing, but everyone calls it differently. Non-slip screws are also known as self-locking screws, the purpose of this screw is to loosen the imitation nut, the fine nut itself has a locking effect, imitation slide screws are also divided into several four kinds:

  1. Cut six slots at one end of the nut. Tighten the upper end of the nut inward
  2. Drive a hole with a depth of about 0.5 mm and an outer diameter less than the outer diameter of the nut near the inner hole of the nut. When tightening the nut, the upper end of the nut will be tightened inward, and it can also be loosened
  3. Assemble a rubber ring or plastic ring at one end of the nut to prevent the screw from loosening
  4. Another is to coat the surface of the screw with a layer of imitation loose glue to play the role of imitation loose imitation slippery

Imitation slide screws are also very common in our lives, because of its own imitation slide effect, it is also deeply liked by the public.