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Uncover the best zinced and nickel-plated screws

Uncover the best zinced and nickel-plated screws

When it comes to zinced and nickel-plated screws, then everyone will ask, which of these two kinds of screws is good, what are the differences?

First, from the definition, zinced refers to a layer of zinc plating on the surface of metal, alloy or other materials to play a beautiful, rust prevention and other surface treatment; Nickel plating is a method of plating a layer of nickel on a metal or some non-metals by electrolytic or chemical methods, known as nickel plating

Two, from the appearance characteristics, zinced appearance silver white, corrosion resistance is general; Nickel plating appearance silver yellow, more beautiful, can do decoration, high price, slightly complex process

Three, from the point of view of effect, zinced is not easy to change in dry air, so in humid air, the surface can form dense zinc carbonate film, can protect the inner surface from corrosion; The hardness of nickel plating layer is relatively high, which can deepen the wear resistance of the product surface

In a word, zinced screws and nickel-plated screws which is the key or depends on what is used in the scene, to choose the appropriate plating process according to the product use.