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The three steps of heat treatment

The three steps of heat treatment

Heat treatment quality directly affects the performance, service life and safety of various die products. Heat treatment method is the main means to improve product performance, heat treatment is usually divided into three steps.

  1. Preparatory heat treatment:

There are many kinds of preliminary heat treatment: cyclic annealing process, normalizing process, elimination of chain carbide process, high temperature double heat treatment process, rapid uniform annealing process, tempering instead of annealing process, rapid softening annealing process, etc.

  1. Final heat treatment:

(1) Low temperature quenching is than the conventional quenching heating temperature of 50-100℃ or lower temperature quenching. Low temperature quenching process is not suitable for easy grinding and upsetting die. Suitable for high speed steel mold, high alloy steel mold.

(2) High temperature quenching is a heat treatment process with a heating temperature 30-80℃ higher than that of conventional quenching. High temperature quenching is more suitable for hot working die steel and can significantly increase the product life.

(3) Heat treatment is widely used in mold heat treatment, with high quality, low energy consumption, no oxidation, no pollution and other advantages.

  1. Surface strengthening:

Superb heat treatment technology coupled with appropriate surface strengthening technology will give full play to the potential of the material and improve the life of the die. Heat treatment is mainly based on softening annealing. After preliminary heat treatment, it can be directly processed to avoid the dimensional change caused by heat treatment after processing. Therefore, heat treatment has been paid attention to and adopted.