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The difference between tapping screws and drill screws

The difference between tapping screws and drill screws

Tapping screw is a kind of screw with relatively sharp top, deep external thread and large tooth distance. According to the construction of special electric tools, drilling, tapping, fixing and clamping are carried out once. Tapping screw can be in the material of soft material, by its own external thread, will be the soil body “tapping, drilling, squeezing, pressing” out of the corresponding external thread, so that they cooperate with each other, common in woodworking board, paper gypsum board and other already thin copper sheet connection.

Drill tail screws are suitable for some of the more thin plate parts of the connection and fixed, such as the connection of color steel plate and color steel plate, color steel plate and steel purlin, wall beam connection, its penetration capacity is generally not more than 6mm, the larger not more than 12mm. Drilling screws are often exposed in the outdoors and have strong corrosion resistance; The silicone sealing ring can ensure that there is no leakage at the screw and has good corrosion resistance.

Tapping screws and drill screws belong to the same kind of screws in essence, they can be tightened without tapping teeth and nuts. The difference depends on the application of the natural environment, the more hard material screws are not easy to penetrate, so the drill tail screws close to the top of the twist drill, more easy to penetrate the hard material, and for the soft material is more application of self-tapping screws.