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The difference between hexagon socket screws and external hexagon screws

The difference between hexagon socket screws and external hexagon screws

Hexagon socket head cap screws are often used in machinery, and are mainly characterized by easy fastening, disassembly, and not easy to slip. The outer hexagon screw head (the force position of the wrench) is thinner than the inner hexagon, and some places cannot be replaced by the inner hexagon. In addition, machines with low power strength and low precision requirements use much less hexagon socket screws than external hexagon screws.

Hexagon socket head bolts are classified according to the head. There are cylindrical head socket head cap bolts, which are commonly used, and there are many types of them. According to the material, they are divided into iron, that is, carbon steel and stainless steel. Stainless steel hexagon socket bolts are also made of stainless steel SUS304 and SUS202. Hexagon socket head cap bolts with semi-circle head, which are also called pan head socket head cap screws. Countersunk head hexagon socket head bolts, the head is flat, and the inside is hexagon socket.

The difference between the outer hexagon screw and the inner hexagon screw on the screw head is that the screw head of the outer hexagon screw is hexagonal and the height is smaller; the outer hexagon screw head is cylindrical, and there is a hexagonal hole in the middle. The head of the socket head cap screw is a little thicker. The two types of screws use different tools (ordinary wrench and Allen wrench) to assemble and disassemble. The two types of screws with the same material and the same rib have the same bearing capacity. They are mainly selected according to the requirements of the installation position for the accommodation of the screw head, such as the need to use For countersunk head screws, it is much more convenient to use hexagon socket head screws to fasten them, but the depth of the countersunk holes that need to accommodate the screw heads is much larger, and a special socket head wrench is required. Compared with ordinary adjustable wrenches, it can deal with different sizes. The external hexagon screw is troublesome; so it is necessary to choose the hexagon head or the socket head according to the specific situation.