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The difference between galvanized screws and nickel-plated screws

The difference between galvanized screws and nickel-plated screws

First, the coating difference: the surface coating of galvanized screws is zinc, while nickel-plated screws are nickel.

Second, corrosion resistance difference: galvanized screw corrosion resistance is relatively weak, suitable for some occasions with low requirements; Nickel-plated screws have better corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance and are suitable for some demanding environments.

Third, the difference in wear resistance: the surface of galvanized screws does not have wear resistance, while nickel-plated screws have better wear resistance, which is suitable for occasions that require frequent twisting.

Fourth, the hardness of galvanized screws is relatively low, easy to bend, deformation or loose when tightening. The hardness of nickel-plated screws is relatively high, with good degree and toughness, it is not easy to loosen when tightening, nor easy to bend or deform.

At the same time, because the performance of nickel-plated screws is superior, the price is relatively high, and it is generally suitable for high-end industries, such as aviation, automobiles, ships and other fields. The price of galvanized screws is relatively low, and it is widely used in the fields of interior decoration, home DIY, etc., so galvanized screws are suitable for occasions with low decorative requirements, while nickelized screws are suitable for fields with high corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

In summary, galvanized and nickel-plated screws have obvious differences in appearance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and hardness, so we need to choose according to actual needs and use environment when purchasing. It is recommended to choose nickel-plated screws in humid environments or occasions where corrosion resistant screws are required, and galvanized screws can be selected for ordinary use.