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The correct operation method of heat treatment processing

The correct operation method of heat treatment processing

Heat treatment processing technology is widely used, of course, for the processed products, its quality is completely determined by the operation of heat treatment processing:

1.the operation of heat treatment processing, it is necessary to check the equipment frequently, the oil pipe and air pipe shall not leak oil, air leakage, the bottom of the furnace should not contain heavy oil.

2.we should always pay attention to check whether the automatic power off device is good, and whether the traffic light on the distribution cabinet works normally.

3.When operating heat treatment processing, it should be noted that no metal items should be placed on the heat treatment processing operating table to avoid short circuit.

4.heat treatment processing, special attention should be paid to prevent special gas leakage caused by poisoning.

5.heat treatment processing operations, special attention should be paid to prevent electric shock. The floor of the operation room should be laid with rubber pads, and pay attention to prevent cooling water from spilling on the floor and other places. the heat treatment processing, should pay attention to take some cooling measures, so that the quenching oil tank temperature control below 80℃.

The correct use of heat treatment processing can achieve the effect of twice the result with half the effort.