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Self-tapping screw introduction and use points

Self-tapping screw introduction and use points

Tapping screw is a kind of screw fastener, mainly used for pre-drilling between metal and non-metal materials, which can drill holes matching with female thread. The tension of self-tapping screw is relatively strong, and contains the characteristics of a single piece, unilateral combination, the effect will be better.

Tapping screws are usually used in thin metal plates to make them fit together. And when the connection work, need to play the bottom hole of the thread, and then screw into the tapping screw, can form a tight connection. In addition, there are several kinds of head shape of self-tapping screws, and the needs of use are also slightly different.

The use of self tapping screw, need to pay attention to the details of the problem is more.

  1. When using self-tapping screws, it is necessary to take into account what material is used, and to ensure that the fastness of the connection is good or bad. Generally speaking, self-tapping screws in use, need to let the bearing capacity of the torque in the actual use of the demand, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.
  2. The use of self-tapping screws needs to take into account the thickness of the connecting parts of the beam to see whether it can meet the actual use. In addition, the flatness is better self-tapping screws, the actual effect will be better, so that the aesthetic effect, and practicability can be maximized.

In the purchase of self-tapping screws, but also need to see its price and quality, only the choice of good self-tapping screws, in order to achieve a better connection effect, and let the connection more fastening.