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Screw head punching machine

Screw head punching machine

Whether it is mechanical screws, wall board screws (drywall screws) and other self-tapping screws, they must go through the stage of the head, and the working principle of the head of the head machine is what? Today for you to in-depth screw production workshop, understand the screw head machine.

  1. The headpunchingmachine belongs to the cold head punching equipment, the function is mainly for a die and two punching products, mainly as the head of the screw forming, its role is the wire straightening, into the line, cutting, feeding the main die, a first forging, two punching screw embryo exit. Its work in one go, the production capacity of up to 200 per minute or so, belongs to today’s more advanced technology products.
  2. All kinds of metal materials can be upset: plain steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloy steel and other materials, widely used. (Stainless steel, alloy steel and other materials, can be heated to adapt to the temperature of the heater, can be upset.)
  3. The head machine can manufacture common self-tapping screws, electrical screws, micro screws, internal and external hexagonal bolts, drilling screws, wall board screws (drywall screws) and other common products.

Head punching machine structure and performance

First, the body is welded into a frame by iron plates

Second, the machine is made of castings

Third, the internal parts are made of bearing steel, 40△ steel forging parts, CT12 materials. The motor is from 1.5KW-2.2KW, and the oil pump is used to supply the lubricating oil to the body and work in circulation, so that the internal parts of the main body are not easy to damage

Fourth, the starting range from 0.10 to 32

Fifth ,The head size can be changed according to the diameter of the pipe.