Wafer Head Screw

Material: Carbon Steel C1022
Surface: White/Yellow Zinc Plated, RAL Color Coated, Phosphated
Features: Good Anti-Corrosion Ability
Point: Drilling Point, Sharp Point
Head Type: Pan, Truss, Flat, Round, Hex, Cheese, Binding, CS
Used: For Metal Drilling
Thread: full thread, partial thread
Drive: Philips, Pozi, socket, hex, square, slotted, combined

HS Code: 7318120090
B2B Service: OEM&ODM
Sample: Available
Package: Box/Bulk Packing/Pallet/Customization
Export Region: Global

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1. Durable & Reliable Wafer Head Self Drilling Screws Manufacturer in China.

Wafer head screws are a useful piece of equipment for many types of work, like those using roofing, sheet metal, and wood materials. They are ahead style of the self-drilling screw, which means they’re specifically designed with drill bit points that bite into the metal. This eliminates the time and effort involved with drilling an additional pilot hole. Self-drilling screws have become an increasingly popular choice for a wide range of applications.

Wafer Head Self Drilling Screw

2. What Are Wafer Head Screws?

Phillips wafer head screws feature a flat top surface and countersunk head, as well as a conical-shaped bearing surface. The conical under-head does not extend to the outer edge of the screw head. This provides the appropriate flush fit and bearing surface for wood and other softer materials, including fiberglass and some metals. Wafer screws are often used to fasten materials together to aluminum or sheet metal. They feature a larger bearing surface than that of other screws, like pan or hex drillers, with a lower profile and less head exposure.

Overall, wafer head screws allow for much faster installation and use, and their corrosion-resistant coatings make them good for long-lasting performance, especially in wet or corrosive environments, such as alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ)-treated wood. They can be installed with standard screw guns.

All of our wafer head screws are made of reflective zinc-plated steel and feature a self-drilling point that allows for installation without a pilot hole. This feature, also called self-tapping, makes driving easier and can reduce cam-outs.


3. Specification of Wafer Head Self Drilling Screws:

Specification of Wafer Head Self Drilling Screws


4. Applications of Phillips Modified Truss Head:

Phillips Modified Truss Head Sheet Metal Screws (also known as Lath Screws) features a Phillips drive and a notched type 17 point at the tip to aid in chip removal during thread cutting. Modified Truss Head Screws feature an oversized domed head with a flange, similar to an integral washer. Modified Truss Head Screws have a 100-degree undercut which creates a larger area beneath the screw’s head for a larger bearing surface.
Modified Truss Head Sheet Metal Screws are commonly used in applications fastening to wood.

Modified Truss Head Sheet Metal Screws feature a sharp point and cutting threads that provide excellent retention in wood, composites, plastics, and soft metals. They are made of grade 304 Stainless Steel, which is corrosion and rust-resistant.


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