Pan Head Screw

Material: C1022/C1022A/Stainless Steel
Surface: Black Oxide, Zinc Plated, Zinc-Aluminum Coated
Finish: Galvanized (Various of Color), Black
Features: Good Anti-Corrosion Ability
Head Type: Pan, Truss, Flat, Round, Hex, Cheese, Binding, CS
Thread: Full thread, half thread, AB thread, A thread
Drive: Phillip Drive

HS Code: 7318120090
B2B Service: OEM&ODM
Sample: Available
Package: Box/Bulk Packing/Pallet/Customization
Export Region: Global

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1. Durable & Reliable Pan Head Self Drilling Screws Manufacturer in China.

Pan head self-drilling screws from Goldensea Fasteners are high strength and precision fasteners used for sheet metal applications. Their high hardness and strength combined with their lead threads allow for the perfect fastening of timber-to-metal or metal-to-metal. Since these are self-drilling screws, there is no necessity to drill a pilot hole. However, their accuracy of usage can be improved by using it along with a washer. This also reduces the impact of vibrations or constant movement of the product.

It is available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel to bear more wear and tear while also making it more corrosion resistant. It is also resistant to degradation due to acidic and alkaline exposure. The pointed drill bit makes it suitable for high precision applications like a machine and electrical components manufacturing. However, it would be better for the structural integrity to use these screws with washers to reduce the impact of metal against wood.


2. The special process and characteristic advantages:

*Galvanized surface, high brightness, strong corrosion resistance.

*Carburize tempering treatment, high surface hardness.

*Advanced technology, high locking performance.


3. Specification of Pan Head Self Drilling Screw:

3. Specification of Pan Head Self Drilling Screw


All kinds of self-tapping screw, pan framing head self-tapping screw, truss head self-tapping screw, csk head Phillips self-tapping screw, truss head self-tapping screw, PTA head self-tapping screw, we can also produce other screws such as drywall screw, chipboard screw, self-drilling screw, roofing screw, wood screw, machine screw etc.


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