Hex Self Drilling Screw

Material: C1022, C1022A
Surface: Zinc Plated, Painted, Mechanical galvanized, Dacromet, Magni, Rupert
Features: Good Anti-Corrosion Ability
Head Type: Hex head/Hex Flange Head
Washer: EPDM Washer, PVC Washer, Rubber Washer
Finish: Galvanized (Various of Color), Dacromet, Black
Drive Type: Hexagon Drive or Phillip Drive

HS Code: 7318120090
B2B Service: OEM&ODM
Sample: Available
Package: Box/Bulk Packing/Pallet/Customization
Export Region: Global

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1. Durable & Reliable Hex head self-drilling screws Manufacturer in China

Goldensea is a famous China Hex head self-drilling screws Manufacturer and Supplier, the geographical position is superior, close to Tianjin port.

Hex head self-drilling screws from Goldensea Fasteners are engineered to be corrosion resistant and come in various sizes and materials. Depending on the size, the applications of the hex self-drilling screws can vary – the smaller screws are used in applications like fixing thin gauge metals and fixing metal to wood. The larger screws are used in roofing and other industries which require self-drilling through tough metals. Our screws come in stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, and other materials which prevent corrosion.

Durable & Reliable Hex head self-drilling screws Manufacturer in China

2. Hex head self-drilling screws.

Self-drilling screws, also known as Tek screws, are fasteners with a special pointed end style that allows them to penetrate thin materials without a starting or pilot hole.

Self-drilling screws are a commonly used variety of screws for quick drilling into both metal and wood. A self-drilling screw can typically be identified by its point and flute (notch) tip. This tip acts as a drill bit for the screw making it much faster to install than having to switch between a drill bit and a driver bit.

The notched area in the tip acts as a reservoir to receive wood chips or metal filings. This creates the space necessary to drill/screw the screw all the way into place.


3. Specification of Hex head self-drilling screws:


Hex head self-drilling screws Manufacturer in China

We offer self-drilling screws in many different materials such as steel zinc, 410 stainless, 18-8 stainless. We also offer self-drilling screws with the climiseal coating on them. Our sizes start at a #4 and go to 3/8” diameter.


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