Dacromet Coated Screw

High-quality dacroment hex head self-drilling screws

Material: C1008, C1018, C1022
Dimension: Drawing or Samples, as customers require.
Head Style: Hex head
Screw Tip: Dilling point
Finish: Dacroment
Hardness: HV>=450
Features: Good anti-corrosion ability

HS Code: 7318120090
B2B Service: OEM&ODM
Sample: Available
Package: Box/Bulk Packing/Pallet/Customization
Export Region: Global

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1. Dacromet Coated Fasteners.

Dacromet is one of the most advanced ceramic coatings on the market today, an excellent choice that offers corrosion and solvent resistance, as well as a number of other functional, environmental and practical advantages.

For more than 35 years, Dacromet has been used worldwide for high-performance corrosion protection on a wide variety of metallic parts.

*Thin dry-film, non-electrolytic, self-lubricated or not
*Water-based chemistry
*Passivated zinc and aluminum flakes in a binder, patented chemistry
*Binder contains chromium oxide (Cr3+ and Cr6+)
*Metallic silver appearance


2. What are Goldensea Dacromet screws?

Dacromet screws are the screw with Dacromet coating finished. Dacromet is the leading inorganic coating specified by automotive companies worldwide and is a proven coating system in many industries. A water-based, VOC compliant coating, Dacromet is comprised mainly of overlapping zinc and aluminum flake in an inorganic binder.


3. Four-Way Corrosion Protection.

*Barrier Protection: Overlapping zinc and aluminum flakes provides an excellent barrier between the steel substrate and the corrosive media.
*Galvanic Action: Zinc corrodes to protect steel.
*Passivization: Metal oxides slow down the corrosion reaction of zinc and steel to provide 3 times greater corrosion protection than pure zinc.
*Self-Repairing: Zinc oxides and carbonates migrate to the damaged area of the coating to actively repair the coating and restore barrier protection.


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