A solution that keeps stainless steel screws tight and eliminates magnetism

Stainless steel screws are widely used in various types of products in the fasteners, its solid connection to the product material for the use of safety and reliability is essential. However, sometimes the stainless steel screws may be loose, affecting the stability of the connection. In addition, stainless steel screws may be slightly magnetic, which […]

Super detailed, super comprehensive screw knowledge

In life and work, we often use screws, nuts, nuts and other parts as fasteners to fix various items, facilities and industrial equipment, which are indispensable industrial necessities in daily life, their names are very similar, it is easy to confuse people. In fact, we often refer to the screw is a common name, it […]

How to judge the quality of screws

First, judge the quality of screws from the appearance 1. Appearance smoothness: good screw surface smoothness is high, there will be no obvious burrs and flaws, feel smooth and comfortable. 2. Surface treatment: good screw surface treatment, after galvanized, spray painting and other treatment, the surface coating is uniform and not easy to fall off, […]

Screw maintenance method, make your screws more durable

First, the importance of screw maintenance The screw is an important tool for our daily use, and its quality directly affects the effect and life of the use. Many people do not understand the maintenance method of screws, resulting in screws easy to rust, deformation, fracture, and even affect the normal use of equipment. Therefore, […]

Why forge screws? Discover the benefits of forging screws

First, the advantages of forging screws Improve strength and durability By forging, the grain structure of the screw is improved, making it a tighter, uniform structure, resulting in higher strength and durability. In contrast, cast or cold-formed screws do not have the strength and durability of forged screws. Reduce production costs Forging screws than other […]

The importance of screw detection

Screws, as one of the most widely used parts in our production, including some areas of life, we can see the figure of screws, including high-performance products in high-tech fields such as aviation and aerospace, the use conditions are more complex, and the factors affecting the field of use are also more, the following are […]

The difference between black zinc screws and colored zinc screws

There are many kinds of screw colors, of which black zinc screws and color zinc screws are also common screw colors in our lives, so what is the difference between black zinc screws and color zinc screws? First, the color of black zinc screws is after hot dip galvanizing and then black oxidation treatment, the […]

Analysis of screw drawing: from process to application, this article understands the meaning and function of screw drawing

1. Process flow of screw drawing Screw drawing is a metal processing process, mainly using wire drawing equipment and molds to stretch and plastic deformation of screws, thereby improving the strength and durability of screws. The main process of screw drawing includes the following steps: 1. Selection of raw materials The raw materials of screw […]

What are the characteristics of the surface heat treatment of carbon steel screws

The specific definition of the surface heat treatment of carbon steel screws is to change the surface performance of the metal heat treatment process by heating and cooling the surface of the steel. In terms of hardness, the hardness of high-frequency induction surface heat treatment is 2HRC~3HRC higher than that of ordinary furnace heating. Its […]

What material is galvanized screw, how to process it

If you want iron screws to be more corrosion resistant, the screws will be galvanized. So it’s usually carbon steel which is steel. Galvanized screw is the steel that has been removed from the rust in the zinc liquid, the temperature of the zinc liquid needs to be about 500 degrees, which can make the […]

The difference between galvanized screws and nickel-plated screws

First, the coating difference: the surface coating of galvanized screws is zinc, while nickel-plated screws are nickel. Second, corrosion resistance difference: galvanized screw corrosion resistance is relatively weak, suitable for some occasions with low requirements; Nickel-plated screws have better corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance and are suitable for some demanding environments. Third, the difference in […]

Which is more corrosion resistant, stainless steel or carbon steel

Stainless steel screws and carbon steel screws we are familiar with, common in life are stainless steel cross screws, carbon steel hexagonal screws and so on, then stainless steel and carbon steel screws which stem corrosion resistance? Stainless steel is an alloy steel with good corrosion resistance. Stainless steel contains a small amount of chromium, […]