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Introduction to fastener threads

Introduction to fastener threads

Fastener thread plays a vital role in the fastening of parts. Many people may have some understanding of various parts of fasteners, such as screws, nuts, bolts and rivets, etc., but how much do you know about the thread?

Definition of fastener thread

A thread is a shape with a uniform helix raised on a solid outer or inner surface.

Two, the main thread organic thread, self-tapping thread, self-drilling thread three.

Machine tooth thread: During assembly, drill holes and tap teeth on the assembly first. The tapped inner teeth have the same specifications as the outer teeth of the screws, and assemble with smaller torque.

Self-tapping thread: Drill holes on the assembly before assembly, without tapping the inner teeth, and use large torque for assembly.

Self-drilling thread: directly used on the assembly, screw drilling and tapping molding.

Three, fastener thread function

  1. Fastening and connecting function: suitable for most screw products at this stage.
  2. Transmission action (displacement action) : such as the micrometer used by QC to check the size.
  3. Sealing effect: such as pipe connection sealing.