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Introduce you to dacromet screws

Introduce you to dacromet screws

How much do you know about screw plating? Generally the most commonly used is galvanized, but there is another is often used, is electroplated dacromet. So, do you know what a dacromet is? Dacromet is a new surface treatment technology, compared with the traditional electroplating process, dacromet is a kind of “green electroplating”. Dacromet bolts are mainly used for outdoor, such as electric power, wind power and other industries.

What’s so special about dacromet bolts? Let’s break it down for you.

  1. Super corrosion resistance: the anti-rust effect of dacromet is 7-10 times more than that of traditional electric galvanizing, hot dip galvanizing or coating method. The standard parts and pipe joints treated by dacromet process were tested by salt spray, and no red rust appeared after 1200h.
  2. No hydrogen embrittlement: The processing process of dacromet determines that dacromet has no hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon, so it is very suitable for stressed parts.
  3. High heat resistance: dacromet can resist high temperature corrosion, heat resistance temperature can reach 300℃ or more. The traditional galvanizing process has been scrapped when the temperature reaches 100℃.
  4. Good binding force and recoating performance: dacromet coating has good binding force with metal matrix, and has strong adhesion with other additional coatings. The processed parts are easy to spray and color, and the binding force with organic coating even exceeds that of phosphating film.
  5. Good permeability: due to electrostatic effect, it is difficult to electroplate zinc on the deep hole, slit and inner wall of the workpiece, so the above parts of the workpiece can not be protected by electroplating method. Dacrometcan enter these parts of the workpiece to form dacromet coating.
  6. Pollution-free and pollution-free: In the whole process of production and processing and workpiece coating, dacromet will not produce waste water and waste gas that is polluting to the environment, without three wastes treatment, reducing the treatment cost.