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How to test the product quality of screws

How to test the product quality of screws

Screw, refers to the construction machinery parts, it is a kind of sharp end such as nails, small cylindrical or conical metal rod with external thread parts, with a groove or with a concave head, separate application.

The test of the beginning of the screw forming, in the screw forming, the first test of the mold of the manufacturing screw. A good mold can make a good screw product.

It is the inspection of the equipment for manufacturing screws that contributes to the safe and successful production. The shape of the formed screw is tested to see if there is a raw edge, and the specification length of the formed screw is tested. See if this specification length meets the standard or the customer’s regulations.

The second is the detection of screw rubbing. The screw rubs the head of the tooth as the alveolar. The teeth that come down from a good tooth plate need to be able to fit through the stopper. Pass the rules, stop the rules. There is also the detection of tooth thread pitch. It is also necessary to ensure compliance with screw standard specifications or customer regulations.

Finally, color detection and salt spray test are carried out on the screws after electroplating process. Look at the color of the screws from the electroplating process. How is the appearance of the screw smooth? Salt spray test to detect the corrosion time of screws or through how many hours of corrosion resistant screws will rust. After that, the screw delivery test. The way is to screen out the screws that do not pass. Give the highest quality screws to customers. Ensure screw quality.