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How to measure the correct size of the screw

How to measure the correct size of the screw

Many devices are inseparable from screws, and there are many models and specifications of screws. If we want to determine the model, we need to measure the size of the screw according to its size? What are the common sense of screws?

  1. How to correctly measure the size of the screw
  2. If you want to measure the size of the screw, you must follow the measurement standard. For example, when measuring the length of a socket head cap screw or a self-tapping screw, only the thread diameter needs to be measured, excluding the head of the screw. That is to say, measure the cross-sectional area of ​​the screw, that is, the thickness, and measure the diameter of the thread.
  3. But some screws are special. There is a kind of countersunk head screw. The specific measurement method is to prepare a caliper, and then measure from its head to the tail. The length of the entire screw represents its length.
  4. Therefore, no matter what the length of the screw is, there is a standard, and this standard must reach the standard size of the screw industry. There are many tools for measuring, the common ones are calipers or micrometers. But no matter what, there will be a certain error, we can measure the error several times, and then take the average value, so that the measured value will be more accurate.
  5. Some basic knowledge about screws
  6. For those who purchase screws professionally, they need to understand the basic knowledge of screws. Screws and nuts, if they have external threads, can be called screws. The nut is generally hexagonal. According to professional terms, the nut should be called a nut.
  7. Regarding the role of the thread, it can play the role of fastening and connection. Some threads can play the role of displacement. In addition, in the pipeline, some threads can play the role of sealing.
  8. There are also many threads, organic threads, and self-tapping threads, including self-drilling threads and so on.

The above content specifically analyzes how we should measure the size of the screw correctly. Different screws have different relative measurement methods. Some do not include the size of the head, and some include the size of the head, which needs to be measured according to different needs.