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How to judge the quality of screws

How to judge the quality of screws

First, judge the quality of screws from the appearance
1. Appearance smoothness: good screw surface smoothness is high, there will be no obvious burrs and flaws, feel smooth and comfortable.
2. Surface treatment: good screw surface treatment, after galvanized, spray painting and other treatment, the surface coating is uniform and not easy to fall off, there is a certain protection.
3. Stripes: good screw stripes are clear, indicating that the production process of screws is good, and there can be no skew, breakage, etc.
Second, judging the quality of screws from the material
1. Material composition: good screw material selection, pure composition, no impurities, can withstand greater processing strength.
2. Color uniformity: good screw color uniformity, there is no excessive color difference, indicating that the material is pure.
3. Toughness: good screw toughness is good, the production process has been processed many times, the linearity is good, and it is not easy to break.
Third, judge the quality of screws from the size
1. Diameter size: the diameter of the screw is a very important size, good screw diameter is consistent, the length also meets the standard requirements.
2. Hole size: The size of the hole laid by the screw must also be well matched to complete the corresponding fixing work.
3. Hexagonal size: Good screw hexagonal size is not deformed, just chimed together, does not affect the use.
The above are several aspects of judging the quality of screws, but in actual use and production, we also need to make a comprehensive judgment based on the actual situation. At the same time, when choosing screws, we should choose screws with different characteristics according to needs, such as screws with anti-rust and corrosion resistance.
In short, the selection of the right amount of screws can not only ensure the safety and quality of production, but also extend the service life and reduce maintenance costs.