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Do not confuse rivets! The difference that must be distinguished!

Do not confuse rivets! The difference that must be distinguished!

A pull rivet is a metal rod-shaped part with a cap on one end. After penetrating the connected components, punch out the other end of the rod, and press and fix the components. In addition, there are opposite rivets, which are more special. It is divided into two parts, the thicker part has a hole in the center, and the thinner part is an interference fit.

When riveting, drive the thin rod into the thick rod. Rivets, also known as Hack rivets or Hack bolts, use the principle of Hooke’s law to clamp two joints with special equipment for riveting, and then squeeze and fill the metal of the inserted annular collar (or unthreaded nut). A fastening method that tightly couples the collar with the bolt into the groove of the bolt with multiple annular grooves.

Therefore, each rivet fastener has the same tightening force and looseness after assembly. Rivet fasteners can be used for parts that typically require bolting or riveting. Rivet fasteners are often used instead of welding due to their large tightening force, looseness, and strong shear resistance. Rivets can be divided into open core blind aluminum rivets, closed aluminum rivets, stainless steel rivets and paint rivets according to the type of material.

How rivets work:

  1. Place the rivet on one side of the keyhole assembly, insert the mandrel into the gun head of the riveting machine, and press the gun head on the end face of the rivet.
  2. Carry out the riveting operation until the opposite side of the rivet expands and the mandrel breaks.
  3. The riveting is completed.

The difference between pull rivets and rivets:

The rivet has two operating surfaces. One side is pressed on the rivet, and the other side is knocked. Only through holes can be riveted. The other side does not need direct pressure when riveting, and blind holes can also be riveted.