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Difference Between Drywall Screws and Chipboard Screws

Difference Between Drywall Screws and Chipboard Screws

The Chipboard Screws, which is a heat-treated product. It is very suitable for the installation of power tools. It plays an important role in the connection and fastening between wood planks, thin steel plates and wood planks. Its appearance can replace ordinary wood screws to a large extent, and ordinary wood screws do not require heat treatment. Today I will give you some knowledge about Chipboard Screws.


The first is the application range of Chipboard Screws:


In the furniture manufacturing industry, the application range of Chipboard Screws is relatively wide. It is a product similar to drywall nails, and its sales volume is relatively large. In the building materials market, domestic consumers prefer it more, and it is widely used in the installation of guide rails, hinges, with fish expansion installation and furniture production. After the ordinary Chipboard Screws is transformed, it will become a claw cutting tail fiberboard screw, which is mainly modified in the design of the thread, so that the problem of cracking caused by the use of hard wood will be solved, and its technical content is relatively high.


The second is the difference between drywall screws and Chipboard Screws?


First of all, from their diameter, the diameter of Chipboard Screws  includes six specifications: 3 mm, 3.5 mm, 4 mm, 4.5 mm, 5 mm, and 6 mm, of which 4 mm, 5 mm, and 6 mm are the most common. The diameter of drywall screws is not so many specifications, only 3.5 mm. Drywall screws and Chipboard Screws have countersunk, semi-countersunk, and round head designs. Drywall screws have a deeper groove and look better. Generally, it is a half tooth, while the Chipboard Screws is generally a full tooth. The biggest feature of the drywall screw in appearance is the shape design of the horn head. If it is divided according to the thread, it can also be divided into two types: single-line coarse thread drywall screw and double-line fine thread drywall screw.