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Black screws and galvanized which is better

Black screws and galvanized which is better

Screws are common parts in our lives, we often use them in the construction and maintenance of furniture at home, like plum black screws and hexagonal galvanized screws are often used. Which is better, black screws and galvanized screws?

In fact, the screw blackening and galvanized each have advantages and disadvantages, we first understand the black screw, black screw treatment is by spraying black chemical solution on the screw surface to form a layer of oxide film, to prevent rust and increase corrosion resistance, at the same time, the black screw has good wear resistance and rotation resistance, suitable for use in the occasions that do not need frequent disassembly.

The screw galvanizing is by soaking the screw in a zinc-containing solution, forming a layer of copper zinc alloy on its surface to provide stronger anti-rust performance, the service life of galvanized screws is relatively long, the surface color is bright silver white, and not easy to fade and corrosion, suitable for use in harsh environments.

In summary, if the screws need to be used for a long time in a harsh environment, it is recommended to choose galvanized treatment, if the appearance and texture of the screws have special requirements, you can choose black treatment.