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Are chipboard screws the same as wood screws?

Are chipboard screws the same as wood screws?

There are many different types of screw, each suited to a particular type of application. Due to the fact that the names for different screw types are used interchangeably, there is often confusion as to which type to choose for any given job. Perhaps the most commonly confused types are woodscrews and chipboard screws which, although largely similar in form and function, do have certain key differences.

The main difference between woodscrews and chipboard screws lies in the threads which, on a chipboard screw, run all the way along the screw’s length to the underside of the head. This makes chipboard screws particularly useful where an extra-strong hold is required, such as when installing garden decking.

Wood screws and chipboard screws are among the most common mechanical woodworking fasteners and are primarily used for joining wood to wood. Just to add to the confusion, both types are sometimes referred to as ‘particleboard screws’. Whatever name they go by, they are self-tapping components, generally featuring a thin shaft and a coarse thread that makes them suitable for all types of timber including hardwood, softwood, MDF and the eponymous chipboard.