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Analysis of solid solution treatment for important steps of surface heat treatment

Analysis of solid solution treatment for important steps of surface heat treatment

Surface heat treatment, as the name implies, is a metal heat treatment process that changes the surface performance by heating and cooling the steel surface, and solution treatment is the most important step in surface heat treatment, the specific analysis is as follows:

The heating temperature of the general solution treatment is between 780-820 ° C, and 760-780 ° C is used for materials used as elastic components, mainly to prevent coarse grains from affecting the strength.

The temperature uniformity of solid solution furnace should be strictly controlled at ±5℃. The holding time can generally be calculated according to 1 hour /25mm, beryllium bronze in the air or oxidizing atmosphere for solution heating treatment, the surface will form an oxide film.

Although it has little effect on the mechanical properties after aging strengthening, it will affect the service life of its cold working die.

In order to avoid oxidation, it should be heated in a vacuum furnace or ammonia decomposition, inert gas, reducing atmosphere, so as to obtain bright surface heat treatment effect.

In addition, pay attention to shorten the transfer time as much as possible, otherwise it will affect the heat treatment effect after aging. Thin materials shall not exceed 3 seconds, and general parts shall not exceed 5 seconds.

The quenching medium is generally water, and of course, oil can also be used for complex parts to avoid deformation.

With the development and progress of The Times, surface heat treatment is widely used in various industries, the aging temperature of surface heat treatment is related to solution treatment, in order to better application, we need to deepen our understanding of it.