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Advantages and disadvantages of Dacromet treatment

Advantages and disadvantages of Dacromet treatment

Dacromet is also a commonly used surface treatment method for hexagonal screws. Today, I will share with you the advantages and disadvantages of Dacromet treatment.
Advantages of Dacromet Treatment
1. High heat resistance: Dacromet can resist high temperature corrosion, and the heat resistance temperature can reach above 300℃. In the traditional galvanizing process, when the temperature reaches 100 °C, the peeling has been scrapped.
2. Superior corrosion resistance: The thickness of Dacromet coating is only 4-8μm, but its anti-rust effect is more than 7-10 times that of traditional electro-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing or paint coating. Standard parts and pipe joints treated by Dacromet process did not show red rust after salt spray resistance test for more than 1200h.
3. Good permeability: Due to the electrostatic shielding effect, it is difficult to galvanize the deep holes, slits and inner walls of the workpiece, so the above-mentioned parts of the workpiece cannot be protected by electroplating. Dacromet can enter these parts of the workpiece to form a dacromet coating.
4. No hydrogen embrittlement: Dacromet’s treatment process determines that Dacromet has no hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon, so Dacromet is very suitable for the coating of stressed parts.
5. Good bonding force and recoating performance: Dacromet coating has good bonding force with metal substrate, and has strong adhesion with other additional coatings. The treated parts are easy to be sprayed and colored, and combined with organic coatings The force even exceeds that of the phosphating film.
Disadvantages of Dacromet Treatment
1. Dacromet’s sintering temperature is high, time is long, and energy consumption is large.
2. The electrical conductivity of Dacromet coating is not very good, so it is not suitable for parts with conductive connection, such as grounding bolts of electrical appliances.
3. Dacromet contains chromium ions that are harmful to the environment and human body, especially hexavalent chromium ions have carcinogenic effects.
4. The surface color of Dacromet coating is single, only silver-white and silver-gray, which is not suitable for the personalized needs of automobile development. However, different colors can be obtained through post-processing or composite coating to improve the decorative and matching of truck parts.
5.Dacromet’s surface hardness is not high, wear resistance is not good, and Dacromet coated products are not suitable for contact and connection with copper, magnesium, nickel and stainless steel parts, because they will produce contact corrosion, Affect product surface quality and anti-corrosion performance.